After travelling extensively on their own around the world before meeting and travelling as a couple, Ceci and Matt have gained the insight into what a traveller needs.

About us

For many years, Ceci worked in the travel industry and is passionate about travelling and photography. You can see some of her work on this website and the walls at Simple Beach Lodge.

Matt has lived in many countries including, Australia, Argentina, Germany, UK, Spain and Austria. He has also toured Asia, USA and parts of Africa. His favourite way to travel is on a motorbike. Leaving Argentina behind, he rode his Yamaha north, with the intention of travelling to Canada, picking up Ceci on the way.

Finding home

However, their trip was stopped short when they found the beautiful beach of Las Peñitas in 2015. Alas, Simple Beach Lodge was born! The hotel was not the only new addition in Matt and Ceci’s lives; a year later saw the arrival of Kai, their baby boy.Travelling taught them how little they needed to survive comfortably andhow liberating it is to travel light.


In an attempt to create awareness about finite resources and the fact that, in many cases, “less is more”, the concept of Simplicity is present throughout the Lodge.

As Thoreau expresses it: “a person is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone”.

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